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An athlete, an inspiration, a friend and an overall wonderful human - Lisa is our May member of the month. Lisa not only crushes it on the Leo gym floor but her meticulous planning, internal drive and hard work when no one is watching allowed her to qualify for the Hyrox World championships with ease.

In between her own training, Lisa has been an incredible support to our members through her encouraging text messages, movement tips and guidance between sessions, and even going to London just to be there and cheer for the other Leo members as they tackled their own Hyrox (most for the first time).

Lisa’s unwavering belief in the success of others makes her impact on those around her quite powerful. We are so lucky to have her as one of our incredible Legends!!

Leo Gym Member of the month pictured next to Leo Gym Sign
Lisa May's Member of The Month

💪 Favourite workout? Hyrox or anything with running, box jumps and kettlebell swings.

😖 Least favourite workout? Wallballs!

🏃‍♂️What are you doing when not at Leo? Giving people nutritional advice for the NHS or chasing my 14 y.o. around the Marlow track

🍔 Favourite food? Burger and fries

🎤 Motto or phrase you live by? Just give it a go

❔ Something we might not know about you? I gave myself a concussion trying to do a ring muscle up in a tree.

Congratulations again Lisa!


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