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Leo Kids sessions focus on functional movement, physical literacy, social skills, and emotional wellbeing for children aged 3-6 years and 7-12 years.

 Leo Kids sessions run simultaneously with adult workouts, perfect for those juggling childcare.



  • Who is the Clean & Lean Programme for?
    The Clean & Lean programme is for anyone looking to feel healthier and happier. Most participants are looking to introduce healthy habits that aim to improve how the feel and give them more energy. This could be focusing on how they fuel their body to avoid afternoon slumps, recover better from exercise or how to improve their sleep. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, fitness and experience! With the support of our in-house nutritionist, expert coaches and supportive programme members we help to supply to tools for sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • When does the Clean & Lean start?
    The Clean & Lean programme runs several times throughout the year. Spaces are limited so you’ll need to make sure you reserve your spot today to avoid disappointment.
  • What sort of results can I expect in 4 weeks?
    Four weeks is a relatively short time frame but with the help of our expert coaches and nutritionist we have seen some great results. A lot of our participants join our program with the goals of understanding how to fuel themselves better, avoid afternoon slumps and sleep/recover better.
  • What classes can I attend?
    We have a wide selection of gym classes which you will have unlimited access too. These include our signature Metcon, Sweat and Hyrox sessions. Our specialist coaches will make sure these are tailored to your goals. Our Metcon session incorporate strength, gymnastics and conditioning in 6 week is focused on primary compound movements such as squats, deadlifts and presses. Our Sweat classes train your engine and build endurance, working in partners and teams to move through sets of high-powered cardio moves and weight sequences. Enhance your fitness goals with Hyrox, a diverse array of functional exercises to promote muscular endurance. Our sessions include sled pushes, rowing, burpees and sandbag lunges. We also offer open gyms sessions which allow you to come and get a workout in in your own time and focus on your personal goals.
  • What is the class timetable?
    Our sessions aim to work around your schedule to allow for a more sustainable lifestyle changes. Our classes start at 5:30am, these sessions are great for the early birds and those who want to get in a session before commuting into London. We offer classes and open gym access throughout the day. If you prefer to wrap up your day with a workout, our evening sessions at 17:30 and 18:30 are just the thing for you. Check out our gym timetable below for more information.
  • Do I need to know how to lift weights?
    Not at all! Many members have joined Leo with little to no weight training experience. Our expert coaches will provide personalized training during each class to ensure your form and technique is correct.
  • Is it possible to have tour before I sign up?
    Yes absolutely! We love having the opportunity to show you around our facilities. Once you have completed the form above, a member of the team will give you a call and we can arrange your visit.
  • I’m not sure the Clean & Lean is right for me, what other options are available?
    If you’re looking at becoming a member, you may be more interested in our gym intro offer instead. You’ll get unlimited access to our gym sessions, a 20 minute massage and movement screening with one of our specialist personal trainers. You can learn more about the offer here. For one-to-one support you may be interested in working closely with one of our personal trainers. To book a complementary consultation and learn more about our personal trainer, visit our dedicated personal training page here.
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