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Meet the sessions that will challenge & intensify your fitness routine to the next level. Prepare for your senses to be ignited. This will be the best hour of your day, leave feeling strong and full to the brim of endorphins!



Get stuck into rounds of our infamous weight lifting & cardio where you'll get down and dirty with weight sequences and time on the Leo gym floor - the ultimate playground for bodyweight, kettlebell and pull up bar moves.


No two sessions are the same but all are finished with a intense blast so you leave feeling elated and fulfulled. 



Prepare to test your endurance as you tackle the cardio kit such as ski ergs and rowers. Moving through stations with your partner that are designed to increase the heart rate and build that endurance engine.

Be mentally + physically challenged while expecting quick fire rounds of high-powered cardio moves, dynamic weight sequences and a whole lot of endorphins.



Introduce yourself to Leo - the best workout ever! The community at Leo is unparralled and you will be welcomed to not only the functional movements but also meet our amazing coaches!

These sessions will ensure you can walk confidently in to any of our other classes and get stuck in and enjoy! 



Want to improve your Clean and Jerks or Snatches? Come join our Barbell sessions to improve your technique and efficiency on all the Olympic Lifts. 


Dedicated amount of time to refine your form, footwork and finesse with the barbell. Guarenteed to help you improve your PB's.