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Normally the first to walk through the doors, hilariously startling the coach who is prepping for the sessions, this duck-owning LEO Legend is simply one of a kind!

Nick, without fail, brightens everyone's day with his jokes, non-stop grunts (even during the warm-up), and his overwhelmingly sincere kindness. What a way to start the day! And let’s not forget about his consistency in the gym and how it has paid off tenfold.

He’s a friend to all, a stranger to none, and a quirky, lovable human that we are incredibly grateful for. Thanks for being a massive part of our Leo family! Well-deserved Member of the Month!

Leo Gym Member of the month in Leo Gym Facility
Nick Junes's Member of The Month

💪 Favourite workout? I try not to switch on to the day until after the 5:30 session, but any Metcon that means you feel spent or are struggling down the stairs afterwards (come on, we all go ouch occasionally).

😖 Least favourite workout? Anything with over-head squats. I am sure you aren’t supposed to have your hands over your head with weights like that.

🏃‍♂️What are you doing when not at Leo? In London mostly for my SmartBuildings business which I love, but really clock watching to get home to my wife and numerous children.

🍔 Favourite food? Japanese unless I am watching the F1 with my kids on Sunday, then I cook a roast.

🎤 Motto or phrase you live by? Just be nice!

❔ Something we might not know about you? I was part of a team to hold a world record in shooting and when I have time I love flying, particularly aerobatics.

Nick also adds "I absolutely love the community in Leo. I only ever do the 5:30am Metcon, but thank you particularly to the incredibly lively early crew, all the way up to the amazing coaches, you are just the best lift to any day."

Thank you for your kind words and congratulations again Nick!


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