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CrossFit Acronyms and Abbreviations

First Leo Gym Marlow Blog… (apart from the weekly WOD updates now)! :)

First things first.. I thought it would be good opportunity to help clarify some CrossFit terms and abbreviations which are being used on a daily basis. :)

So firstly, what is a WOD? Workout of the day. This is the metabolic conditioning part of the workout that comes at the end of the session.

What does AMRAP mean? As Many Reps/Rounds as Possible

Usually put into the WOD; you will be given a selection of exercises and your aim will be to do as many rounds of these exercises within the time scale given.

EMOM - Every minute on the minute. So EMOM 10min means that you do a certain exercise every minute on the minute for 10 minutes and rest for the remainder of the minute after you have completed the exercise.

E2MOM would mean every 2minutes on the minute. So you will do a certain exercise with the timer going every 2minutes.

BB - Barbell BS - Back Squat BW – Bodyweight C&J – Clean & Jerk CF – CrossFit DB - Dumbbell DL – Deadlift FS – Front Squat HSPU – Handstand Push up KB - Kettlebell MU – Muscle up PB – Personal Best

PC – Power Clean PU - Pull Up

TTB – Toes to bar

Finally, what is Rx? Rx is an abbreviation for “Prescription”, which means the prescribed WOD without any adjustments. Rx is supposed to be challenging. It is a bench-mark to work towards and it is there to even challenge the elite athletes. It makes us feel great to overcome tough workouts, however sometimes, the Rx WOD might be a little over our capabilities, potentially leaving some room for bad form or even completely hitting the wall by misjudging it. All because we want to “Rx” it. Instead, we should focus on the process of getting better and fitter. Remember, it is not a bad thing to scale. It’s all about getting that base, good form and progression in the long run!

Keep at it Leo Legends!

More to come..

xx MD

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