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Have you always wanted to get that pistol squat? If the answer is “yes” then here are the next steps to take… The foundation of Pistol Squatting is all about the single leg focus. The single leg strength progressions will help you progress gradually to achieve the best pistol squat and enhance your single leg stability by dedicating the correct time and energy to your single leg strength. We can break the pistol squat into two main requirements. Certain exercises will help you build your single leg strength towards achieving the full pistol squat movement. Others are great at helping build the positional strength required to apply force when you are in the flexed position of the pistol. Single Leg Strength Progression - Use these movements weekly to build up your leg strength. The progressions from week to week with a combination of these movements will guarantee you to have super strong legs and hips when balanced on a single leg.

- RNT Split Squat - RNT Reverse Lunges

- Bulgarian Split Squat - KB Rack Drop Lunges - KB Rack Lateral Step Ups

Positional Strength Progression - These movements are brilliant tools to start work on your positional strength. Getting you ready for the challenge of doing pistols by tackling the position with bodyweight regressions and progressions, or you just want to improve your training.  - Lateral Box Step Downs - Box Pistol Eccentrics - WTD Pistol Eccentrics - Box Pistols - Cyclist Pistols - Pistol Squats For individual programming, help with a skill, olympic lifting, or aspect to improve your training, please get in touch. Book your free consultation today!



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