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Following the success of our Wonder Women classes, we are excited to introduce another fantastic addition to our timetable – StrongHER, StrongMAN.


These classes focus on how to lift - think barbells, tire flips and atlas stones! Improve your strength with Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting and when the English weather is on our side, we'll take it outside for some Strongman training too!


Designed to cater to all levels, whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete aiming for a personal best, our knowledgeable coaches will provide hands-on guidance to ensure you feel confident with every movement.


These session will follow two different formats:

  • Wednesday evenings 6:30pm will be focusing on moving your body around a barbell with Olympic lifting technique! You’ll see cleans, snatches and accessory movements to strengthen your moves!

  • Thursday evenings 5:30pm will be moving odd objects around your body including Atlas stones, sandbags, tyres and maybe something you least expect!


These are limited to 6 people per session to keep it intimate and safe, so booking is essential.


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