Make Functional Fitness a resolution you can keep this New Year

Functional Fitness is a New Year’s Resolution you will keep!

Forget those yearly promises to learn a new language, cut out the cake, and read a book a week. More often than not, it’s long-forgotten by February.

Instead, make 2020 the year of fitness and fun with Leo. Sure, ‘going to the gym more often’ is one of the most over-used and under-delivered resolutions in the book, but Functional Fitness is not like any ordinary sport, and Leo is no ordinary gym.

When you start on your fitness journey with Leo, you’re sucked into a whirlwind of new friends, new challenges, and endless fun. And we’re making it easier than ever for you to get started in 2020 with our Functional Fitness Fundamentals course.

Here’s why you need to let Functional Fitness into your life in 2020.


Go to a regular gym and do the same thing, day-in, day-out. Same old treadmill, same old cross-trainer.

With Functional Fitness, no two sessions are the same. Every time you come to train with Leo you’ll be drawing on different disciplines and testing different energy systems and skills. You might be sweating through rowing intervals on Monday, pushing out weighted squats on Wednesday, and doing handstands on Friday.

Functional Fitness is a practice that encompasses strength training, gymnastics, and cardio exercise such as running, cycling or rowing. And every class you attend with Leo is likely to include at least two of these disciplines.

At Leo, you’ll never be bored! That’s what makes Functional Fitness different, and why giving it a try will soon be a fitness resolution you keep.


Whether you’re a life-long athlete, a new mum, or looking to shift some middle-aged spread, workouts with Leo will work for you.

Although no two people are the same, you’ll do the same workout as everyone else in a Functional Fitness class. Never done a deadlift in your life? No problem. Used to be a gymnast and can walk 100m on your hands? Our classes will still challenge you.

Every Leo workout is scaled, meaning that even in a class of 10, everybody could be lifting a different weight or performing different moves to match their abilities. And if the session involves a skill you’ve not mastered, our coaches will guide you through progressive exercises that will help you build towards it.

Just because you’re new to the sport you won’t be put in boring beginner’s classes, you’ll be in the thick of it from day one!

There’s always more to learn

Functional Fitness is as much about skills and techniques as it is about strength and endurance. Every week will throw you a new challenge no matter what your level of experience, and you’ll always be learning something new.

A session might see you perform a totally new lift or skill, or may push you one step closer to mastering a more complex movement. Even the most experienced Functional Fitness athletes admit there are areas that they would like to improve on, and it’s one of the reasons they keep coming back for more.

Every workout challenges and inspires both newcomers and veterans, and you’ll finish every session hungry for the next.


One of the greatest benefits of all workouts being scaled and everyone carrying out the same routine is the camaraderie and spirit.

Sharing the gritted teeth and racing heart rate of the final minutes of a workout with someone builds a bond and a memory that you’ll never forget. You’ll make new friends every session, and you’ll always have something to remember and laugh about, no matter how much it may have hurt at the time!

With Functional Fitness, everyone is in it together, and the more experienced athletes care about your workout just as much as the coaches. If you’re the last to finish a session, you’ll be cheered on through the final minutes, and if set a P.R., you can bet everyone in the class will congratulate you.

Functional Fitness is great for the body, but also great for the social life. We organize regular Leo social events where you get to see all your new friends not in a gym, but on a crazy golf course, restaurant, or at our barbecue!

Fast, effective fun!

Functional Fitness is quick!

Looking to squeeze in a fitness goal around work and family isn’t always easy, but when you can see noticeable results with two or three one-hour classes a week, it becomes a lot easier, and a lot more rewarding.

Each WOD class is just one hour long, and in that time, we get you warmed up, teach you new skills or work on building your strength, and then put you to the test with the ‘WOD’ - Workout Of the Day – which is anything between 10-30 minutes of pure heart-racing sweat and fun!

No wasted time, no long training sessions. Functional Fitness slots easily into your schedule without compromising work and family time. It will become part of your routine.

I’m in.

What is Functional Fitness Fundamentals?

For just £50, you get one month of unlimited access to Leo! Yes, for less than the price of your daily coffee, you get full access to our top-class facilities and expert coaches, and all the Functional Fitness Fundamentals classes you can manage!

Through the Fundamentals course, our coaches will teach you to move safely and efficiently through the most common movements in our classes. If you have any doubts or fears over Functional Fitness, we’ll guide you through it, all while you’re getting fit and having fun!

By the end of the month, you’ll be more than ready to take on our general WOD classes, and will be well on the way to your fitness resolution for 2020!

CLICK HERE to get started with your Functional Fitness Fundamentals course - £50 for UNLIMITED Fundamentals Classes!

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