Introducing Body Transformation Packages

Want 2020 to be the year you shed that pesky spare tyre, the year you hit that 100kg squat, or the year you enter your first Functional Fitness Competition? Let Leo’s team of personal trainers transform your diet, training and lifestyle.

We’ve prepared a series of Transformation Packages to make 2020 YOUR year. If you want to reach June feeling and performing like a new you, these bespoke packages are your pathway to greater things.

Our Transformation Packages will help you dial in your workouts and your diet so that you become stronger, fitter and achieve the look of your dreams.

More Than Just Training

Progress in strength, weight loss or body recomposition is 80% lifestyle, 20% gym. If you’re trying to turn your body into a Ferrari, you need to fill it with high-octane fuel and ensure the engine is always performing 100%.

To transform your body and performance, you need to dial in your whole lifestyle, including your diet, sleep, rest, and of course, training! And that can sound overwhelming, which is why a personal trainer will be with you every step of the way, giving 24/7 email and phone support.

The 80% - Lifestyle and Nutrition

We’ll create you a bespoke lifestyle and nutrition plan based on your work schedules, family duties, and dietary needs. Don’t worry, we won’t go putting you on an extreme diet that sees you weighing your water and dreaming of cake, but take a measured, sustainable approach that allows you flexibility and the odd treat!

Your nutrition plan will be based on a body statistic analysis that tells us exactly where you’re starting from, and will aim to get you to a goal weight and body composition. We’ll tell you how much of each food group you should be aiming to hit per day, suggest foods to include in your diet, and tell you what to try to avoid!

And while supplements aren’t the be-all and end-all of getting stronger or losing weight, they can help. And if you don’t know your BCAA from your Omega-3, don’t worry. We will advise you what supplements to be taking, when to take them, and the best brands to use.

Sleep is perhaps the most overlooked part of effective progress in the gym and changing your physique. Without adequate sleep, your body doesn’t recover as well as it could, and is more prone to storing fat. We’ll help you dial in your routine so you’re better rested and your body is performing at its best every day.

The 20% - Training

Whether you’re new to Functional Fitness or an experienced athlete, everyone can benefit from one-to-one coaching.

Our transformation packages include multiple Personal Training sessions per week where we’ll help you to work on your weaknesses, and teach you the skills required to smash every WOD! And speaking of WODs…. Our Transformation Packages include Gym Membership as part of the deal.

The Transformation Packages are about a lifestyle overhaul, and so go beyond the four walls of Leo – we will set suggested Home Workouts that can be performed with minimal equipment. These will be low-intensity sessions you can carry out in front of the TV that help iron our imbalances and improve your mobility.

Ongoing support

Transforming your training and lifestyle can be a daunting prospect, and can leave you with questions and times of uncertainty. Should that be the case, you won’t be alone. We offer full 24/7 email and phone support, so if you ever need to talk something through with us, we’re not far away!

Live your best life with Leo in 2020

Transforming your body and performance isn’t easy on your own. Unless you’re an expert, you’re not always going to be sure if you should eat this or that, or if you should train or rest.

With Leo’s team of experts behind you, there will be no more guesswork, and you’ll have the peace of mind that what you’re doing is informed by qualifications and years of experience. All you have to do is train, eat, sleep, enjoy, repeat!

Make 2020 your year, with Leo.

Sign up for your Transformation Package HERE!

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