Test Week 17/2/20

This test week will be used for % work going forward for the next cycle, so try to be as honest with it as you can. Only count your full reps and if you’re unsure of which scaling option you should be doing, please ask whichever coach is on. You’ll want to take note of your scores this week, so you can work out weights and reps based off the %’s we’ll be using going forward.

Monday A)i) Max HSPU in 5 Mins

(if you haven't established your max strict HSPU in one effort, this should also be established)

ii) 1RM Full Squat Snatch

B) 21-15-9 OHS 40/30 Strict Pull Ups


A) Build to a 3RM front squat with 3 sec pause at the bottom of each rep

B) 5K Row


A)i) max strict TTB ii) 5 min max TTB iii) Max Strict Ring Dips

B) 2 Rounds 20 single leg V sits 25/25 side plank rotations 2.5kg/5kg

C) 4min AMRAP 12/9 Cal Ski 15 KB Swings

2min Rest

4min AMRAP 15/12 Cal Row 10 TTB

2min Rest

4min AMRAP 12 Burpees 8 Strict Ring Dips


A) 1 RM Squat C&J

B) 5 RFT 10 HSPU 10 Front Squats 50/35


A)i) Max Strict Muscle Ups

ii) 3 x 3 Bulgarian split squats Es with a 4 sec pause when front thigh is at parallel

B) E4MOM x 4 18 BJO 8 DB Step over 4 DB Cleans run 2 Full Lengths


A) 3 x partner press up ladder (both start in press up position, A does 1, B does 2 etc until failure)

3 x partner strict pull ups ladder (both start above the bar if possible, A does 1 pull up, B does 2 etc until failure)

B) 12 rounds for 10 Power Snatch 10 Burpees 8 TTB

E5MOM (starting at 0:00) partner 400m Run

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