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Live Streaming Workouts For Members - How To Get Involved...

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

BE FIT! BE HEALTHY! LETS SWEAT TOGETHER (with a bit of social distancing)!

As a gym we have had to make the incredibly difficult decision to close our doors in order to protect our members and community from the spread of Corona Virus. YOU are and have always been our main priority and we will continue to follow the UK government's advice and do whatever we can to support and help everyone through this crazy time.

Therefore, we are so excited to be able to continue to provide amazing workouts and incredible programming and a chance to continue to workout TOGETHER!!! Join us ONLINE!! Streaming live classes is a new exciting feature that we are thrilled to be able to offer our members to stay healthy and fit at home.

Join us everyday Monday to Saturday at 9:30am.

Here's how to get involved . . . .

1. Sign-up for classes per usual via the Leo Gym App or via Mindbody

2. In preparation for the daily workout, watch the video on our Member's Facebook Group walking through the day's whiteboard

3. 15-30 mins prior to the beginning of the session you will receive a link via email providing access to the class

4. Click on the link in the email and if you don't already have Zoom, you'll be prompted to download the software on your laptop, phone or tablet

5. If you do already have Zoom, then you'll be prompted to enter your name and enter the session by being placed in a "waiting room" until the class begins

6. When the session begins, the coach will open the "meeting" and you'll be able to join in the session

7. Enjoy the session and post your scores/times on Facebook under the day's video.

Can't wait to workout with you all online!!!

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