Leo Gym Marlow Workouts 29/10/18



i)Pistol Squats - leg extensions

ii)Paralette up and overs

iii) DB OH Squats

B) 3 Rounds for time 30 Pistol Squats 15 Ring Dips 12 TTB


A) 8-10RM Bench press

B) 12 min AMRAP 8 DB Bench (on the floor)

8 DB GTOH 200m row


A) Double Unders

Explosive squats (65%)

B) 6 rounds for time 15 wall balls 30 double unders


A) Weighted Pull Ups

Vertical Jumps

B) 3min on/3 off - 300m row buy in 4min on/ off - 500m row buy in 5min on/off - 700m row buy in Amrap 5 Pull Ups 10 mountain climbers 15 box jumps


A) Snatch Deadlifts

B) 7 minute AMREP Snatch @ 50% bw

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