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Leo Gym Marlow Workout week 01/3/2021


A) 16EMOM 1) 5Es Z Press (1 weight) 2) 30s KB Side Plank 3) 5Es Elevated Straight Leg Hip Lift w/ SA KB Floor Press 4) 30s KB Side Plank


20 KB Deadbugs 6 Plyo Press Ups

C) 20AMRAP - 3:30m ON / 1:30m OFF 5Es Down Up + Clean and Jerk 10 pike Press Ups 30 DU Tuesday

A) 3E4MOM 10 DB+KB Squats 5Es Bent Over Row (3s pause @ top of each rep) 10 Weighted Glute Bridge (2s pause @ top of each rep)

B) 40s ON/20s OFF x 4 Rnds Goblet Lunges Seesaw Row

Bodyweight Cossack Squats C) 14AMRAP 5 Pistols 10 Renegade Row (without press up) 15 Jumping Lunges 20 KB Pull Through *E2MOM 30s Wall Hold


A) 20s ON/10s OFF x 5 Rnds OH Hold KB Pulse Sit Ups Diamond Press Ups Hollow Hold

B) 5 mins max DU C) 20EMOM 1) 30s HS Hold 2) 10/10 Push Press 3) 20 KB Swings 4) 8 HSPU / Pike Press Ups Thursday

A) 6E2.5MOM SL DL - 6 reps Es 1-3) 1-3-1-0 4-6) 3-0-1-0 B) 4E2MOM 10 Weighted Good mornings 10 Bicep Curl C) 3 RFT 15 Burpees 30 Deadlifts 45 Mountain Climbers Friday A) 6E3MOM 6 DB Power Clean

6 DB Hang Clean

6 DB Squat Clean (3s pause in catch)

*Swapping arms each round B) 40s ON/20s OFF x 3Rnds Rotational Horn Muscle Clean Plank matrix KB Deadbug C) 10AMRAP 2-4-6-8... KB Hang Cleans Burpee over KB KB Swings Saturday A) 10AMRAP - 30s ON / 30s OFF 6 Pistols 6 Devils Press (1DB) B) 24AMRAP - 1m ON / 1m OFF 10 Thrusters (1DB) 20 Press Ups 30 DU

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