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FAMILY FUN with Leo Gym


"It's like peanut butter and chocolate. Each is great, but they are better together."

~Richard Whitehead

Join us for our NEW 45-minute Online KIDS Fitness Class with our amazing Coach Stu every Sunday at 9:00am. It's a FITNESS PARTY!!

What's more fun than jumping around, getting fit and sharing the entire fun and adventure with your amazing friends and family? Structure your Sunday by joining us every week for a workout together. Give your kids a chance to chat and play with other kids while keeping them safe and healthy during these uncertain times. All you need is some space to move, a light weight or water bottle and lots of energy and excitement!

Sign-up HERE to bring the benefits of FITNESS to your entire family.

According to the NHS, Regular exercise has amazing health benefits for children and young people (read article here).

These include:

  • improving fitness

  • providing an opportunity to socialise

  • increasing concentration

  • improving academic scores

  • building a stronger heart, bones and healthier muscles

  • encouraging healthy growth and development

  • improving self-esteem

  • improving posture and balance

  • lowering stress

  • encouraging a better night's sleep

The kids fitness sessions are great opportunities to share workouts with your loved little ones.

Sign-up HERE to bring the benefits of FITNESS to your entire family.

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